At Bergsäker we are specialists in environmental impact. This means that we assist those carrying out or commissioning work classified as environmentally harmful by preventing, avoiding or counteracting harm or inconvenience to human health and the environment.

Developer responsibility

The management of construction projects brings with it far-reaching responsibilities that encompass not just the construction site but the surrounding environment too. As a developer, you are responsible for factors such as noise and vibrations that affect people or businesses in the vicinity.

Why choose Bergsäker?

Managing these elements requires specialist expertise in fields such as risk analysis, surveys, measurement technology and the management of measuring instruments. Furthermore, it is also vital to ensure ongoing communication with people who could be impacted upon by the works. For this reason, there are both practical and financial advantages for operators when it comes to using the services Bergsäker offers for the management of environmental impacts.

About us

We have over 45 years of experience in environmental safeguarding in the context of construction and infrastructure projects. Bergsäker has both the expertise and the resources to serve as an advisor for both private and public operators. Since 2015, Bergsäker has been part of Forcit Consulting – the largest environmental impact group in the Nordic region.

We help developers and contractors to concentrate on the construction itself, whilst we manage the surrounding risks.

Contact us

Contact us at any stage of your construction project by emailing info@bergsaker.se for a consultation or quote.